Our Rileys range in age from around 50 to over 80 years. However, many spare parts are readily available.

Spare parts are made available through our club only to club members.

Clubs in the UK, The Riley Motor Club, The RM Club and for Pre war parts the Riley Register all have web sites with parts lists. These Clubs will only supply to you if you are a financial member of the relevant Club. Not all of these parts are available in Australia due to Customs and Shipping requirements.

Our stock of parts is sourced from local and overseas manufacturers, the UK Clubs and the NSW Riley Club. The NSW Club Spare Parts List is here: Simply hover over the link then Ctrl+Click

Riley Club NSW Parts Catalogue

Not all of these parts are available all the time.

It is recommended you contact the relevant spare parts officers when seeking spare parts. These people will advise you on what is available and if the part you require is not readily available they will advise you on potential sources from which the part might be obtained.

SPARE PARTS OFFICERS. Contact details in Blue Diamond.

Bruce Dobney.  Engine Components including Radiator Hoses and belts, Brakes, Body Rubbers, Chrome Trim and Used Parts. Please ring Bruce, rather than emailing him.

Tony Cross    Suspension including bushes, Carburetor, Electrical and Regalia

Colin Dennis.        All Pre-war Spares

 Colin advises” I do carry a variety of gaskets for 9s, 12/4s and 6s, front end parts (kingpins, bushes, ball joints etc), some brake parts, pistons, valves, speedo and distributor drive gears, some rubber bits, water pipes, some generator brushes, to name a few”. More for restoration projects than maintenance

With regards to Used Parts, these are items that have been donated to the club. They are not sold but are made available to club members for an agreed price/donation to Club Spares Funds. The club carries no responsibility for the condition of these items and they are used by members completely at the member`s risk. Members are therefore advised to assess the state of the item or get it assessed and use it accordingly. It is your responsibility not the club`s if something goes wrong.

The club does not carry stocks of parts that are readily available from retail suppliers including belts, bearings, filters and electrical items. Details of some of these parts are in sub page Routine Maintenance Spares.

Ordering Pre War Parts

To help you identify the exact item you are requiring, there are numerous spare parts catalogues and books available for online viewing or downloading.

The NZ Club library: has Spare Parts catalogues and books for all pre war Rileys for viewing or downloading.

John Lomas’s Blue Diamond Spares UK website. Can supply both new and used parts.

After log on at either site there is an easy path to follow.

Ordering Post War Parts

We use the naming convention in the RM Workshop Manual for RM parts eg AA10.40. That is:  page AA10, item 40. The pages are the diagram pages; not those where the items are listed. Please use this convention when requesting a part. It will help the spares people a lot.

Where the total cost of a request for spares that are not in stock is greater than $100 a pre-payment of 50% of the estimated total cost may be required.

4 thoughts on “SPARES

    Jeff BRICE said:
    August 29, 2020 at 12:38 pm

    Im in HUGHESDALE, i have 1947 ,8 doors ,1 boot ,4 running boards ,1 bonnet ,2 rear guards ,1 1.4litre block head crank could be Jag ,1 spare wheel ,sell the lot $250.


      rileymotorclubvic responded:
      September 2, 2020 at 1:33 pm

      I will arrange for this to be advertised in next edition (October 2020) of the Clubs magazine


    Mike Donald said:
    September 1, 2020 at 1:31 pm

    I am a member of the Riley club of New Zealand.
    I have a 1959 Riley 2.6.
    I am looking for a source/supplier of suspension and steering bushes.
    Could you please assist

    I also understand that if your club is able to supply these spares I would need to becomes a member. Please advise.

    Kind regards Mike


      rileymotorclubvic responded:
      September 2, 2020 at 1:35 pm

      Your enquiry has been forwarded to the appropriate spares officer.


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