February 2023 Newsletter

    Tour of Tasmania March 2023

      February Newsletter   No 9.  

Welcome to your February and final newsletter.

Our Riley Tour of Tasmania is now only weeks away.  We hope your Riley is looking forward to its trip across Bass Strait to the Old Van Diemen’s land.

This newsletter has a couple of updates on activities and then information about your preparation and for the start of our Journey to Tasmania.

LUNCH Wed 15th March. ( 1st day in Tassie)
As mentioned in the December Newsletter, on our first day in Tasmania our lunch stop will be Miena Village in the Central Lakes District.  Your lunch options are BYO pre-purchased lunch, takeaway from the General Store, or a sit-down lunch at the Great Lakes Hotel. The hotel requires us to provide booking numbers beforehand and is limited to 40 people.
If you wish to have lunch at Hotel you MUST RSVP by email to:
 rileytasrally2023@ outlook.com  or text to 0429 300 783 by 14 Feb 2023.

We currently have 6 people booked (GIBSON, GOTCH, McINTOSH).

Hotel- menu can be found at: https://greatlakehotel.com.au/dining/

 Brewery Tour

If you have your heart set on a Brewery Tour, Cascade at Hobart is our best option.  Boags (on Launceston) has just recently announced they will no longer conduct tours. Saturday 18th March afternoon is your fee time in Hobart and probably is your best option, (unless you are not attending the run to Port

Arthur (pre-booked) on Thursday 16th and/or the planned Huon Valley run on Friday 17th ( on booking have been made on this run).

Live performances

Theatre Royal – Hobart Fri 17 Mar 2023 8:00 pm . Wil Anderson – Wiluminate

Wil Anderson, Host of Gruen, Question Everything, and popular comedy podcast Wilosophy, has returned to stand-up with his best show yet – a remarkable feat for someone with over a quarter of a century in the 

Now just a couple of Reminders:

  • RACT will provide matching coverage to your club membership in your home state. ( e.g., RACV, RACQ, etc)

  • Historic / Special Interest Vehicle registration / Permit schemes.  All interstate schemes are recognised by the Tasmania Authorities.

  • Spare parts: The Victoria Club Spare parts officers (Bruce Dobney – Post war, Colin Dennis Pre-war) will be carrying a some spare parts, but you should be carrying any parts you think may be necessary to keep your Riley going, given that some of you will be travelling considerable distances even before arriving in Geelong for the start of the Rally.

Rally Check in and Rally Pack Collection.

Rippleside Park North Geelong is our “Rally Check in and Rally Pack Collection” location.  It is just 3 kms south of the Spirit of Tasmania Terminal, has lots of parking, BBQ, picnic facilities and public toilets.

We will be there from 6pm to 8pm to welcome you, give you your Rally pack and any last-minute instructions. (Ferry check in opens at 9.00pm.) 

For Dinner your options are: one of the local restaurants or take aways, or a picnic in the park before collecting your Rally Bags and heading to the ferry.   There are a good number of restaurants, cafes and takeaways in the areas of Pakington St Geelong West and the Geelong Waterfront.  
See the maps on the next page.

Please Read at least Day 2 of the Rally Day Book before Ferry Check-in or before disembarking at Devonport, so you will know what the plans are for the journey from Devonport to Hobart

 NOTE: Quarantine Restrictiosn apply between Victoria and Tasmania.
See page 3 for Tasmania bound restriction.
On your return to Victoria, raw untreated honey & lettuce cannot be brought into Victoria from Tasmania, but other fruit & veg restriction may be applied.

North West Geelong General area

Rippleside Park. Enter via Bell Parade

Petrol Stations near Ferry Terminal

If you are in Geelong early:

See below for some ideas if you have time to kill.

  • A visit to the Waterfront & Eastern Beach
  • the National Wool Museum
  • Geelong Botanical Gardens
  • Geelong Goal Museum
  • Geelong Gallery
  • Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre


Getting to the Ferry Terminal

The Spirit of Tasmania sails from the Port of Geelong:

The Ferry Terminal is located at Spirit of Tasmania Quay
136 Corio Quay Road, North Geelong VIC 3215.
Approx. 6 Kilometers from the City Centre. 

The Spirit of Tasmania website has a map & instructions.

The instructions cover:

  • If you are driving from Melbourne:
  • If you are driving from Southeast Victoria
         They suggest the
    Sorrento to Queenscliff ferry cost is Approx $75-$80
  • If you are driving from interstate

We suggest you check Google maps or alike.

 Spirit of Tasmania Ferry Check-In & Boarding

Currently the ferry is scheduled to sail at 11.30 pm.  Ferry check in opens
2.5 hours before sailing, i.e., 9.00 pm based on current sailing time.
Boarding closes STRICTLY 45mins before sailing time (at 10.45 pm). If you arrive after check-in has closed, you will not be permitted to board the vessel, so don’t be late.
Boarding Process includes a Quarantine check, a Check-in. and then parking in a marshalling area, where you will remain parked until your queue to directed to board. 

Spirit of Tasmania will have sent you some information about  Embarkation Check list and there is more information on the  Spirit of Tasmania website.  Please read this so you are aware of the conditions of travel.
Just a brief summar.

  • Pack your e-ticket
    Have your e-ticket ready for check-in.
    Concession/Pensioners card presented at check-in.  
    Photo ID will be requested of the driver as check-in.
  • Pack a small carry-on bag
    personal toiletries, medication and clothing for on board.
    Only credit and debit card payments are accepted in our terminals and on board.
  • Food
    Tasmania has strict Quarantine requirements. NO Fresh fruit, nuts or vegetables, fish or, plant products (including flowers) / seeds or soil. Processed foods can be taken into Tasmania.

  • Vehicle
    Full Jerry Cans of fuel cannot be carried. Please check the website for condition.  If you want full tank of petrol, there are a number of service stations nearby See the map on the previous page.

How to drive your vehicle on board

  • You will drive your own car on board the ship.
    All passengers stay in the car with the driver.
  • Once parked, place in gear and engage the park brake.
  • Note the deck number and position of the vehicle within the deck so that you can easily find your car on arrival.
  • Parking reminder flyers are also available in every vehicle deck lift/stairwell to assist.

Arrival At Devonport.

The Ferry arrives in Devonport at 9.30 am. Disembarkation starts at shortly afterwards and can take up to 90 mins for all vehicles to disembark.

  • On arrival, announcements are made regarding disembarkation.
    You will be called to your vehicle by deck number.
    When disembarking, do not start your engine until told to do so.
  • All passengers travelling with a vehicle disembark the ship with the driver.

Spirit of Tasmanian COVID Policy

  • Please do not travel if unwell    If you test positive for COVID-19 or have been instructed to isolate, please defer your travel plans.
  • Stay informed   Four days before you travel Spirit of Tasmania will send you an email with important information and reminders for your upcoming journey. We will also send SMS updates prior to your journey. We encourage you to read the COVID-19 FAQs and check your phone for updates.

·       Face masks We strongly recommend wearing a face mask while in the terminal or in any public areas on board, especially where social distancing is not possible.  (This would include car decks, stairwells and public areas on the way to your cabin).

The Tasmanian Government COVID settings can be found at:  https://www.health.tas.gov.au/health-topics/coronavirus-covid-19
For latest COVID numbers go to:

Please read DAY 2 of your Rally Day Book for Instructions on the route and where to meet up with those you want to travel with on your way to Hobart.