December 2022 Newsletter.

Welcome to the December Newsletter.

Planning and arrangement are progressing well. Final numbers for Dinner and Events will be confirmed in the new year.   However, there are a few items we need to share we you.

On Wednesday 15th March our first day in Tasmania we will travel from Devonport to Hobart via the Central Highlands.
There will be a number of options for Lunch. These include:

  • We will be in Deloraine before lunchtime).
  • If you wish to have lunch at either of these venues you will need to lets us know so we can book numbers.  You can let us know now or we will remind you again in Jan/ Feb.

                Central Highland Lodge (Miena Hotel) has a lounge, bar, a cosy fireplace and restaurant/dining.  The menu is one to look forward to and includes traditional hearty home-cooked meals, soups, delicious desserts and a superb collection of Tasmanian wines.

Great Lake Hotel – is the perfect place for a hearty, modern country-pub meal,
                Their menu is attached to this email or can be found at.  


 On Thursday 16th March we will be travelling to the Tasmanian Peninsula and Port Arthur.  If you want to check out what there is to see and do at the Port Arthur Historical Site is a good Visitor Guide.  Again, it is attached to this email or you can download it at:

National Parks.  We mentioned these briefly in our Booking Information.
There are 2 or 3 National Parks you may want to visit;

  • Mt Field (Northwest of Hobart)
  • Freycinet (North of Swansea)
  • Maria Island if you are considering this Tour.

A Park Pass is required for these 3 National Parks.  Here are your options;

    Full adult – (no Concession or Senior’s card)

  • Daily entry (24 hour) pass per vehicle (up to 8 people) is $41.20
  • Holiday Pass (valid for 2 months) per vehicle (up to 8 people) $82.40.

    Concession (Seniors Card, Pensioner Concession Card, Health Care or DVA card. 

        Annual Vehicle Park Pass gives access to all parks 

  • Concession $73.10
  • Senior Card holder (excluding Business Seniors card) $ 36.55
    Conditions:  You must provide your vehicle registration (You can register up to 2 vehicles). They must be registered at the same address as your senior / concession card.  Up to 7 other people can be in the same vehicle as you.

Passes can be purchased: on

  • the Spirit of Tasmania Ferry 
  • on-line at   
     If purchasing on-line do this asap to allow sufficient time for you pass and car sticker to arrive by post before you leave.

 National Trust Properties & Membership

There are a number of fee-charging properties you may want to visit.
Your interstate National Trust Membership will be recognised in Tasmania.

From our research, if you are not a member, taking out membership is only worthwhile if you plan to use your membership at other times, in other states. 
Allow minimum of 4-6 weeks for receipt of membership cards before leaving for the Rally.
Note: Household membership is comparable in most states, but expensive in Qld. (Queenslanders may want to take out membership in another state).

Properties you may want to visit & fees for non-members.  Adult/Concession
Hobart:             Runnymede $15/ $12
                           Convict Penitentiary $25/ $20
Launceston:      Franklin House $12/ $10
                           Clarendon House (Special Riley Tour Rate of $10)

Devonport/ Latrobe:  Latrobe Courthouse Museum – Gold Coin Donation
                          Home Hill (unfortunately this is not open on Fridays when we will
                                              be in Devonport.

Concession/ Seniors Household Membership Rates:

 Tas / Vic $90 -$100, NSW /ACT /WA $120-130, SA $75- 85, QLD $240 -$240. 
Note: Some states also charge a joining fee.

Our stay in Launceston ends with our Presentation Dinner.

After spending 9 days on the Island this is your opportunity to showcase some of Tassies finest products or experiences by DRESSING UP for our Presentation Dinner.   Our Theme is “All Things Tasmanian”.  That could be a person, place, product and is only limited by your imagination.

Of course, you can combine this with a motoring theme can dress in style
the Era of the Riley, “Motoring from 1920 to 1960”.

So, dust off your gloves, unbox the hat, find your scarf and get prepared.
You have plenty of time to hit the Op Shops before March.

If “Tasmanian” is your theme here are a few ideas to get you on your way.

The Tasmanian A– Z

A = Apple Isle / Abel Tasman

B= Blundstones (first developed in Hobart) / Boags

C = Convicts / Cascade    D= Devils. 
E = Environmentalist/ Erroll Flynn
F = David Foster   G = Greenie    H= Hops / Huon Pine

J =Joseph Lyons    K= King Island     

L= Leatherwood Honey

M = Princess Mary / Max Walker

/N= The Nut

P= Penguin / Puffer Jacket / Peter Sculthrope     Q= Quoll /Queenstown 

 R = Ricky Ponting   

  S = Scallop Pie

T= Tasmanian Tiger  

  U = Ubertas et Fidelitas

V = Van Diemen’s Land 

 W = Whiskey / Wine / Mt Wellington

Y= Yacht Race (Sydney Hobart)

Interesting Tasmanian Place Names Daisy Bell, Egg and Bacon Bay, Flowerpot, Jetsonville, Milkshake Hills, Nook, Needles,
Nowhere Else, Ouse, Squeaking Point, Tomahawk, Snug, Promise Land, Penguin, Paradise, Hell’s Gate, Elephant Pass, Doo Town, Bust-Me-Gall Hill, Break-Me-Neck Hill,

Bagdad, Crack Pot, Hollow Tree, Plenty

 I am sure there is something creative amongst that lot!
Your Next and Final Newsletter will be the February issue: This will include all the important things such as: Rally Check-In at Geelong, Spirit of Tasmania Ferry Terminal location, Dinner locations, Ferry check-in Boarding and Disembarking procedures.

Season Greetings to all and we looking forward to some Magnificent Motoring in 2023.